A Legal Update

Greetings, friends. It has been a rough couple of months for Tokens & Tankards. Unfortunately, the situation with our landlord has escalated. All of you have been so very patient and supportive, we only felt it right that you would be among the first to know what’s going on.

The following is an excerpt from a press release that is going out to the media today. The short of it is that we have hit another big bump in the road to a potential reopening. That said, we will never give up hope, not as long as we have such an amazingly supportive fan base behind us.

We wish all of you the very happiest and warmest of holidays, and look forward to having better news to share with you in 2017.

Until then, be well, and game on.

December 15, 2016

Mount Prospect Bar, Tokens & Tankards, Files Legal Action Against Landlord

MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS – After three months of attempted negotiations, Tokens & Tankards has made the difficult decision to take legal action against its landlord, Tod Curtis. Tokens & Tankards closed the doors of its Mount Prospect gastropub and arcade in early September.

Owner Vince Scalabrino had planned to restructure his business and resume serving the people of Mount Prospect. However, he found himself locked out by Mr. Curtis, unable to access his personal and business property within the premises, despite his rent being current. Curtis would not provide Scalabrino with any reason as to why the doors were shut, instead he filed an action in Cook County circuit court.
After conversations through attorneys, Mr. Curtis refused to agree to any reasonable solution that would make it possible for Scalabrino to run his business, or allow Scalabrino to retrieve $60,000 worth of Scalabrino’s property still located on premises. Left with no other choice, Scalabrino and his lawyer, James Skyles of the Skyles Law Group in Mount Prospect, filed a countersuit in Cook County Circuit Court Monday afternoon.
“Illinois state law does not permit landlords to lock out their paying tenants,” says Skyles. “There are rules and processes that are required in order to preserve the tenant’s rights. Mr. Curtis has totally and completely ignored those rules, trampling Mr. Scalabrino’s rights, and harming his business. That simply cannot be allowed.”
“I was optimistic that Mr. Curtis and I would be able to align on a settlement that would have resolved this matter, but it is clear that we are not on the same page”, said Scalabrino. “The hopes that I had of reopening have been greatly diminished by this recent turn of events.”
Reporters may obtain a copy of the lawsuit by contacting the Skyles Law Group at 847-749- 3059.